YWW Is Open!

Hello everyone! I have something exciting to share with you this week....The writing program I am part of is open for registration again! This post is a collaboration with another member of the writing program, Bea Williams. The two of us are answering a few questions about this program. Enjoy!When is registration? You can register … Continue reading YWW Is Open!


Mini Reviews Monday (January edition)

Hey all! Today I would like to introduce to you, Mini Reviews Monday.I hope to make this a theme once a month after the subject month is over, and since I read 8 books in January I thought I would list them all here! Enjoy! The Girl Who Could See by Kara Swanson: An exciting and … Continue reading Mini Reviews Monday (January edition)

Broken Pieces by Lindsi McIntyre (Book Launch)

What is your book about? Broken Pieces is about a young woman named Catherine DeLacey. Catherine lives in a fantasy world where mental and emotional trauma manifests as glass-like shards that grow inside of people's chests. Because it's such a far-reaching problem, there are doctors that specialize in shard removal. However, Catherine's shard is too … Continue reading Broken Pieces by Lindsi McIntyre (Book Launch)

14 Basic Writing Tips (reposted)

I guest posted on my dads blog awhile ago and thought I'd share here! (original post: http://frontporchfighter.blogspot.com/2018/04/guest-post-14-basic-writing-tips.html ) So, you’re wondering how to get started with writing? So was I! How do you start writing? How do I get obsessed with writing like that professional writer over there? Well, I don’t have all the answers, … Continue reading 14 Basic Writing Tips (reposted)

He’s Making Diamonds by S.G. Willoughby (Interview

Hey, all! Today we have S.G. Willoughby who is celebrated her first book release!! S. G. Willoughby is a seventeen-year-old girl with Lyme disease, toxic mold poisoning, and MCS. Currently, she resides in Arizona with her parents and two siblings. In her spare time she loves to write, read, and have adventures. How long have … Continue reading He’s Making Diamonds by S.G. Willoughby (Interview

When Your Inspiration Well Is Dry (guest post)

You’re sitting down at the computer, staring at the blinking cursor. You just found out that your writing friends have finished the rough drafts of their novels, and you’re still working on yours! You feel so far behind everyone else. But I’m here to tell you that that’s okay. Every writer is different. Therefore, all … Continue reading When Your Inspiration Well Is Dry (guest post)