Hi There! Welcome to my blog!

You want to know more about me? I’ll try and put some stuff up, I may have to add stuff later, but here it goes!

My book: I am working on a book that I hope to publish called A Spies Adventure, it is currently in the editing/adding stage!! Once I have finished that part, I will obviously go back and edit! Again. I’m not gonna give you a whole run through of my process, I’m still figuring it out as I go along. But I will definitely be sharing things from it as much as I can!

My blog: The Adventures of Tammy Poe Is a story I post on here. It is ‘told’ by L. Finley, who sends letters to his employer.
I post fiction things I wrote on TUESDAYS. On THURSDAYS I post quotes/poems/verses that I enjoy! (Which, I don’t write).
Non-fiction updates (writing life, my life, etc) will be posted on SATURDAYS. NOT every week.

Me: I’m a writer, obviously. I like cooking. Singing when nobody’s home. Absolutely obsessed with books and stories! To name a few:
~~ The Lord of the Ring
~~ The Hobbit
~~The Chronicles of the Imaginarium Geographica Series
~~The Chronicles of Narnia
~~Chosen of the God’s
~~Do Hard Things
~~This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years

There’s definitely more. But I guess that’s enough for now.
Am I missing anything? Oh, well. I’ll just go and write a blog post.
Thanks for reading, I hope you enjoy all of my writings! I hope to be sharing many things on here! Feel free to leave a comment or a like! It helps! Also, feedback is welcomed!

Go! Read, ask questions, interact, explore, listen, and above all write!

Quick note:
Sharing any personal information, violation of others privacy, disrespect, foul, discouraging language, as well as any other means of causing unrest in the online community, will not be permitted.
ALL stories, thoughts and all writings in general (and some photos) are MINE (with the exception of Bible Verses and some recipes) no plagiarizing, ‘borrowing’, stealing, whatever you want to call it! I work hard to come up with my writings and am working to become an author!