Summer Update!

Hello, all! You may have been wondering why in the world I haven’t been updating my blog. And why the only posts I’ve been doing lately are fiction? I haven’t had as much time 2. Motivation is hard to keep when it’s 100+ degrees out. Here’s some of what I’ve been doing: -My friend and […]

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Be A Voice

Another guest post, by Kate!! -Kirstie This week I saw a quote by Albert Einstein; it read – “Be a voice, not an echo.” This quote really impacted me on so many levels and really made me sit back and think. This quote is so relevant to life.  Many people are afraid to state their […]

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Coffee Shop Encounter

Liam read the text message, disbelieving what it held. He sat in the coffee shop loft/library. For minutes his thoughts flew around, trying to make sense of what he was reading. “Is this true? Is it a scam? What should I say? Should I just leave it?” Finally, he decided to reply with, “Ryan…? Is […]

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Mary Poppins Quote (Bert)

I grew up with Mary Poppins, as one of my favorite movies. So today we’ve got an awesome one. Okay, all the quotes in Mary Poppins are awesome, as well as the songs. Today I’m quoting Bert. A mysterious, exciting, adventurous quote.   “Winds in the east. Mist comin’ in. Like something is brewin’, About […]

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Fiction Tuesday: Duncan’s Plight

(Note: This came from a prompt a fellow YWW student suggested *THANK YOU*) Enjoy! Sorry about the late hour. See ya Thursday!)     Duncan galloped as fast as he could. He couldn’t believe it. Were these people so frivolous to think he had been the one to save the people? He had nearly been the one […]

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The Adventures of Tammy Poe, As Told by L. Finley: The Adventures of Tammy Poe (letter sixteen)

Mr. Poe, We narrowly made it out last night. Thankfully, the Islander was very helpful and is rowing our boat to the mainland as I write. We had to wait for hours until it was dark (indeed it still is). It was a difficult time coordinating everything, I, however, was not in charge of any […]

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