Garlic Day

So sorry about all the *cough*procrastination*cough*! I kinda slacked off on the daily verses thing…The verses got too long, and I can’t be on here every day. But I will definitely be posting more! But, I am starting a new thing!
And, no promises of a set schedule…Never happens. Anyways. As you saw in the title…Or did you? Well, hopefully, you did it’s what this whole thing is about. Okay, back to the whole point. Today’s random fact is about…Garlic. Yes. You read right. I don’t know if you will know these things or not, but I guess that’s why I am writing it.

Garlic tastes good burnt. Yes, I am speaking from personal experience. I’d never thought of it before, but it’s true. A while ago, some of my classmates and I made a garlic sauce for our pasta but, ended up burning it. :p It tasted fantastic! But, everybody has different taste buds (obviously) so no guarantees you will actually like it.

Garlic is very detoxing and if you look at #15 in the link below  ‘Raw, freshly minced garlic has the most health benefits’.

Found this blog post about garlic in my searching for a few different things:

I found #6 very interesting! Tomorrow is the 19th! What!? And #7, #11, #13. I don’t own that blog (as I’m sure you know) I only linked it for interesting facts. Hope you read them too!  And the only reason I thought of this is because I just made omelets, with garlic. Garlic is delicious! Good for you, and keeps the vampires away! :p 😉

I’d love to hear any random things you’d like me to write about! More blog posts to come about stuff I’ve been doing (hopefully).

Thanks for reading! Hope you liked it!

~Father’s Joy


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