Meet A Spies Adventure ‘Cast’!

Good afternoon peeps! I’m a little late with my blogging updates, as you’ve noticed. :p But here I am giving you what I promised!! Character names! Keep in mind I don’t know EVERYTHING about them, so there are some blanks. (in addition, I will conduct this as if it was a history. Yes, I’m weird. If you don’t like it…Well…)

Okay, here it goes!

Kirstie Rhys: I got her first name from “The Water Horse”. I liked it so I used it.
Sister of John Rhys. Travels a lot for her company, studied journalism/writing, but ended up being a scientist. Rival of Doyle’s company.
Age: early twenties
Height: 5′ 1″-ish. In short, short.
Hair: Dark brownish red. Slightly past shoulder.

John Rhys: My favorite dwarf is Gimli! And John Rhys-Davies is awesome!!
Works in a bakery, and is very close to being at the top next to Ettore (his boss). Very close.
Age: A year or two older than Kirstie
Malcolm Thorne: Don’t quite remember. I just came up with it.
British. Works in the secret spy unit of his company. Meaning not even the regular employees know about it, for their safety. Except for the boss.
Age: 40’s
Height: Not short in the least

Ettore: A fellow wattpader helped me with these names!
for those Avatar the Last Airbender fans he is sorta like General Iroh, mostly his personality, and slower speech. I don’t know much else yet. He is a mentor to John. Owns the bakery. Don’t know the name of it yet, does anybody want to help me out with that??
Elena: Cuz, I chose the name.
I KNOW NOTHING. Except she’s related to Ettore… She might not stay in the story…

Keiran and Gyan: This one too!
Both of them work a little with scientists (limited) and in a cafeteria. Don’t want to give EVERYTHING about them away.
Age: Around Kirstie’s age maybe a little younger. Keiran is older by only a little.
Height: Tall
Hair: Keiran dark, Gyan SLIGHTLY lighter not extremely noticeable.

Doyle: As well as this one!
is supposed to be the right-hand man of the company that has been rivals with Kirstie’s company for YEARS. Way before she came along.
Age: Unknown
Height: None have ever gotten close enough to tell
Hair: The lighting never provides enough to tell.

Dr. Thaddeus Florentine: NAME REVEAL, this was the name I said I would post about. His last name was on my menu…Quiche Florentine it was. So I went with it. And my AWESOME friend came up with the first name! So watcha think?
Is a Dr., Scientist, Inventor. Was isolated by Doyle’s company for some unknown reason.
Age: maybe late 40’s-50, but older than Malcolm
Hair: too gray to tell what it was.

Mrs. Florentine: Totally forgot she still needed a name! Oops…
Was also isolated by the company, but in a different place, is an artist. Nothing else is known.

Rose: Just cuz, that’s her name.
Nobody knows much about her. She takes care of Doyle’s ‘guests’ at one of his many houses and posts etc.,
Hair: brown with streaks of gray

Ian: I think I named him that because I like the move “Stone of Destiny”
Malcolm’s informant, apprentice. Covers his tracks ruthlessly. Although it probably easier for newer spies, since nobody knows who they are.
(Please note: These are all subject to change between now and future publishing. All characters are my own and are not to be plagiarized or copied in any way. )

Hope you enjoyed this blog post! Most of all I hope (when I publish it) you’ll enjoy my book! See ya next post!

PS. It’s raining!! It’s been raining all day!



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