A Blogging How To

Hey, guys! It’s a bit later in the month than I wanted to update, but now is when I’m doing it. This post is a process paper I did for a class. It’s not strictly instructions, it’s more making fun of what I do a lot. Some if it is exaggerated, though. Hope you like it! This is as you may realize something I wrote. So, please don’t copy or steal what I’ve written. Here it goes!

Want to start a blog? Or make another, better one? Well, Here’s a beginner’s guideline of how to run a blog. First, you’ll need certain internet skills to be able to navigate around your blogging website. Even though this may be your fifth blog (that you told yourself you would post consistently on) but you just can’t seem to remember those settings.
But, don’t start writing yet. First, you have to change the look a few times; three or four times is advisable to get the full effect. Then, ignore your blog for a couple weeks. After a while, realize you said you would start and keep up your blog, but haven’t. Search frantically for topics in your surroundings; there’s sure to be inspiration somewhere! Start on a few topics, to be sure to find a topic that takes longer than half a paragraph to write until you get bored of this one, too. This is all necessary for your ultimate goal of providing good content at a regular pace.
Another couple of weeks will go by. One day you will find ‘the’ post and finish it within a day of your inspiration. Then you post it! Wait for people to read, comment or like it like crazy. But, after a week you discover only your parents and two friends have bothered to look at it.
Rest assured, if you follow my fool-proof guide, you are sure to get more reads! Just keep writing!

There you go! As always, hope you enjoyed it! I am looking forward to trying to write more. I think I’ll be going for a few short stories, which I am working on at the moment. Thanks for reading!



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