Veggietales Parody

I was bored. So, here ya go…

Everybody’s Got a WordPress Blog (Everybody’s Got a Water Buffalo)

Publisher: And now it’s time for, Silly Songs with Writers. The part of the show where they sing. A silly song.”

Writers enter, singing:

Everybody’s got a WordPress blog,

Yours is fast, mine is slow,

How do we make them? I don’t know.

But everybody’s got a WordPress Blog!

Took my blog to a shop,

Got it stuck in a mop.

Spilled some batteries on the floor.

Oh! Everybody’s got a…

Editor, irritated (enters stage): Stop it! Stop! Stop right this instant. What do you think you’re doing? You can’t say everyone has a WordPress Blog! Everyone does not have a WordPress Blog! We’re going to get nasty comments saying, “Where’s my WordPress Blog? Why don’t I have a WordPress Blog?” And are you prepared to deal with that? I don’t think so. Stop. Being. So. Silly!

Publisher Indifferent: This has been Silly Songs With Writers. Tune in next time to hear them say…

Writers (Singing): Everybody’s got a little book,
Yours is pink, mine is blue
Hers was—(Editor: Ahh!!) Small but…(Writers get tackled to the ground by the editor.)



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