A Rainy Day: Once Friends

Rainy days are dreary days, so what?” Rose thought as she peered around the street stand. The street stand featured a flower shop, the streets obscured with the water coming down in sheets.

“Back home, it’s practically a citywide event.” Rose continued her thoughts as she scanned the crowds.

Everyone rushed about except one figure. “No, he can’t be here, they can’t have known about this already,” she gasped. Right across the street, he stood in front of a pub.

The figure made no move towards her; she remained hidden.

She stared at him, waiting for the moment he would discover her spot.

The door of the pub swung open behind him a slew of people of varying degrees of drunkenness shoved their way out the door.

“The rain brings life and a clean slate.” Rose listed as she glanced at the flowers and the now rambling drunk figures. She breathed in sharply as she realized the figure had been startled and had started walking away, just as she was about to leave her hiding spot, two (almost) completely sober young men appeared.

Rose sighed. One with pale blue eyes met her gaze, nodded then turned to his companion, whose dark eyes shifted to the figure, then at her. In sync the blue eyed man and the dark-eyed man started slowly towards the figure, Rose followed as quick as she dared.

“How I wish for more rainy days, to wash away soot and worry.”

At a shake of the head from the pale blue-eyed man, the three friends walked past. The dark-eyed man, slightly behind them, accidentally bumped into the man they had previously been following. They both gave each a dark stare but moved on. His companions took notice, they had moved on. Catching up, he heard the girl say, “Rainy days are for inspiration, contemplation, fires, blankets, warmth and tea.”

The pale blue eyed man smiled, while the dark-eyed man slowly walked while staring at the ground. Finally, they reached a small car, ready for their next long adventure.

Rose sat in the passenger’s seat, ignoring the blue-eyed man’s attempt at making conversation with either of his companions. She felt the cool of the window as she leaned against it.

She dreamed of the stories she would tell her friends while watching the last raindrops race each other down the window.


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