So It Begins…

It’s the beginning of a new month! As an introduction to this month, I’m afraid I don’t have much as of yet, so I’ll just do a general update.

This month I will be continuing to edit my story, I have had to buy a word processor, so as of now I will be going into more editing. I’m working on the ‘history’ of my story. My goal is to write a short story that takes place before my current novel, which you all have already seen a sneak peek of! (See my previous post).

I’m working on several random things of my story, mostly to make the story come together and make sense, with no plot holes! So far I’ve been working on, a solid reason/motive for all my characters etc., the ‘history’ of the story, the why it’s happening now. I may be doing separate character profiles, which means one post per character!
We’ll see how that goes, and I definitely won’t be posting those all at once. I suppose that’s it for now, have a lovely month, looking forward to blogging, and hearing your thoughts in the comments this coming year!

P.S. Why do we have to have summer!!?? I don’t like the heat. :p


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