The Adventures of Tammy Poe, As Told By L. Finley: Finding Tammy Poe (letter four)

Dear client,

Just a quick note this morning,
we landed just in time yesterday evening, some of the crew discovered a few leaks that as the captain said, “Could potentially have caused harm to our schedule,” this is all being fixed as we speak.
In the mean time, you never told me that the sea town of Little Rock was so beautiful, and calm. I’ve got a room overlooking the most beautiful sight of trees, beach sand, and the great rolling ocean.
You must understand my wonder, I do not come from anywhere near the sea.
You also failed to mention to me that, Hill Rock was far away. Tut-tut, I was sure we had this planned out to a T. Speaking of which, it’s  high time for tea.


L. Finley


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