The Adventures of Tammy Poe as told by L. Finley: Finding Tammy Poe (letter seven)

Mr. Poe,

We have finally left the hospitality of your gracious aunt (I’m sure she was trying to delay us, pardon my saying), to survey the surrounding property to look for, as you know, anything that may lead us to your sister’s whereabouts. I don’t want to bore you with all the details of the past several days. With the fact that that it was very late in the evening when we finally set out to find your sister’s childhood hiding place. Or the fact that one of my hirees’s almost got swallowed up in a hornet’s nest a day out from the house.

Or when we got lost (ahem, well that was entirely my fault) almost immediately after departure, we are now back on track, I assure you.

We shall be approaching her ‘hideaway’ as some would call it, very soon. I will be leaving your note there, as instructed, I just hope the wrong person doesn’t find it.

I shall update you upon further discovery.

L. Finley


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