The People Behind The Characters: Real Life Fiction (Guest Post)

First Guest Post, ever!! Enjoy! -Kirstie

Guest Post By Bethany H. Vela

For four years I’ve been writing a story about two brothers and a gutter boy. For two years I’ve been trying as hard as I could to make these characters a close to real as fiction can be. For one year I’ve succeeded, and for about three months, I’ve figured out why.

It’s impossible to say that anything we write is truly original anymore. Everything’s already been said, everything’s already been done. As writers, nothing irritates us more than that little saying. We like to shout unto the wind: Ha! Just watch me! I’ll write something you’ve never seen before!

But as I’ve already said, that’s impossible.

Or is it?

Everything has been written about, sure. But not everyone.

I used to think my characters were of my own imagination. Spontaneously created simply for the purpose of being in my book. However, hanging out with a novel for a long time can get you thinking, and just three months ago when my whole family was gathered together for Christmas, I realized that my characters aren’t people I made up. My characters are based off of the people who made me the person I am.

I know I shouldn’t have, but in a way, I made myself into my MC. So here I am, Dundri Daemus Domcro, but who was everyone else?

Faelden Eithron Nur, the beloved little brother of my MC. Snarky, adorable, loyal, and intelligent. Turns out this kid is really just my older sister Hannah, a person of the exact same personality. Oddly enough she looks more like Dundri than I do, not to mention she’s older than I. Ironic, but amusing nonetheless.

Christopher Amanaki Admen, a streetwise, intelligent emotional wreck. That’s so my little brother Jonathan.

Shanti Emera Hennan, my first ever friend, Emma. My older brother Matthew. Maybe kinda me… *cough*

Aida Amourati, sweet, shy, fierce and occasionally annoying. My little sisters Lisa, and Rebekah.

Everyone else? Where would I even begin? My point is, that maybe a lack of originality isn’t our problem, it’s our ability to borrow inspiration from others. Every book written nowadays has been inspired by some other story or person. We can’t copy what someone else does just because it works, but we can combine what everyone else does to create something not original, but something new. It’s the people around you that inspire you, the stories you read and adventures you experience. Don’t write what everyone else is writing, write what you’re writing. Be original. Be what God made you to be, and use His imagination to inspire yours.

Bio:  Bethany Vela is a fifteen-year-old blogger (you can find her at Light Of The Fallen) and middle child of seven who enjoys reading, novel writing, and mapmaking. When she isn’t scribbling in a notebook you are likely to find her loudly explaining to her computer why it is perfectly logical for her to use the British English spelling of words, even though she is American. She is currently rewriting the first draft of her novel and trying to figure out exactly what the limit on sarcasm in fiction is.




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