The Adventures of Tammy Poe, As Told By L. Finley: Finding Tammy Poe (letter nine CampNaNoWriMo2)

Mr. Poe,

We have finally reached the comfort of the town, once again. I have ventured to explore the town more, as I did not see many lovely places this town holds, despite its seemingly small size, there’s quite a bit here.

I’m sure my traveling companions were eager to get away and preoccupy themselves, elsewhere in the town.

I am quite sure they will not be playing any more pranks, at least not for a while and definitely not on me.
Oh, they’ve just come in now. It seems they have left your employment.
Oh, they’ve just come I now, it seems they have left your employment, for good. The requirements were too hard (so they say), I am incapable of taking a joke, (that part may be true, but in my defense, it was a joke in ill taste).

It was not a mere ‘practical joke’ (although there was no time for that either (this all being a matter of business).
In fact, it was more harmful than humorous, well maybe it’s for the best. As they may end up causing me to fire them at a later date (pardon me saying). I shall be delayed a bit longer, on top of awaiting your reply.

L. Finley


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