The Adventures of Tammy Poe, As Told by L. Finley: Finding Tammy Poe (letterelevenCampNaNo4)

Mr. Poe,

I have finally met with Captain Petersen, and I must say it is rather shocking. The captain is actually a woman. This was so unexpected, I must have stared for a minute. But my eagerness to get started with the deal and preparations forced me back.

After speaking with her for a few minutes, and discussing terms. I promptly accepted her offer, and I must say. I am not in the least bit concerned. She is quite capable, respected, and wise. If I had not wanted to hire her, I should have looked rather foolish. That is when the general public discovers my search for one of the greatest detectives.

No need to explain it to you, I’m sure!

I am confident we shall be on our way quite soon, we have obtained quite a lot of good quality supplies (better than I could have found on my own). Thanks to Captain Petersen, I have learned quite a bit about the ship and what it needs (and what we need for ourselves), as well as trading, bargaining, who knows what else. I should travel more often. Maybe write a memoir.

I shall update you upon our arrival to the next location, we should be leaving very soon!

L. Finley


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