The Adventures of Tammy Poe, As Told by L. Finley: Finding Tammy Poe (Letter Twelve)

Mr. Poe!

Delighted to hear you’re ‘on board’ with the plan, as it were (if you’ll pardon my humor).

We landed on the island on the morning of May Day (yesterday) in the midst of preparations.Of course, they were thrilled to have visitors, and wasted no time in showing us…Well, everything.

I spoke to the leader about Ms. Poe, and I gathered quite a bit. None of which won’t fit in full here, I will say, she solved a missing person’s case. Then it seemed (after she solved it) the missing person decided to sail away with her (no one on the island knew where to), and that was all I could get out of anyone. Not even who this person was (or whether the person was male or female).

I get the impression we are only welcome to take part in the celebration and look impressed at their public events while asking no questions.

The journey here was marvelous, nothing went wrong, not even slightly! I had not a single reason to worry, I shall update you later on!

L. Finley


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