A Decision

Yay for decisiveness! What? Two updates in three days!! Well, I couldn’t wait till Saturday. This is a last minute decision, so I wanted to tell you as soon as possible.

I will not be posting The Adventures of Tammy Poe on my blog anymore! :/ I know, I know, last minute, it’s going really well. etc. I will post the sixteenth letter tomorrow, Fiction Tuesday will not disappear, I definitely intend to keep posting every Tuesday, just not the story of Tammy Poe.

I will however (gosh, why do I keep starting paragraphs with those same words???), be continuing to write the story of Tammy Poe and fully intend on putting it together as a collection, maybe as an ebook or physical copy, that part will come after I finish it, of course.

ALSO! Thank you soooo much to ALL of my followers! I am extremely grateful for all of you who take the time to my posts every week!

Assuming you’re still reading this, tell me, what kinds of things would you like to see? More of what I’ve got (sorry not doing any more Tammy Poe), keep doing what I’m doing? What kinds of things would you like to see posted on Tuesdays?

Thanks for reading!

Hope you all have a blessed Memorial Day, as we remember those who have fallen for our country.

Till tomorrow!

P.S. My apologies for not posting a quote on Thursday, I will be sure to get one out this week.


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