Fiction Tuesday: Duncan’s Plight

(Note: This came from a prompt a fellow YWW student suggested *THANK YOU*) Enjoy! Sorry about the late hour. See ya Thursday!)



Duncan galloped as fast as he could. He couldn’t believe it. Were these people so frivolous to think he had been the one to save the people?

He had nearly been the one to cause its destruction.

Angus was the one who should have received all the praise. He galloped faster, grinding his teeth, and staring intently ahead of him, searching for his destination in the gathering darkness.

He spotted it and came to a sudden halt. He had to reach Angus and Adlen, before it was too late.
When he had left the castle, he barely had twenty minutes. The King had informed him of the settled matters, as soon as he had returned from his errands. He had been petitioning to the nobles in authority. Who wanted the town for their own purposes.

Duncan had gone to the town with the buyers, became separated and met Angus and his sister, Adlen. Convinced to keep the town, he immediately took action. Apparently, upon his return days later, the capital of the kingdom took it upon themselves to build a monument to him.  The worst part? Those buyers, they petitioned for the sibling’s isolation. They were not allowed to step foot inside the capital. Nor come into contact with any royals of any sort.

Hopping off his steed he ran to the door, restraining himself from wildly knocking, and waited…


I challenge my fellow bloggers to continue the story, OR write something off of this!



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