Summer Update!

Hello, all!

You may have been wondering why in the world I haven’t been updating my blog. And why the only posts I’ve been doing lately are fiction?

  1. I haven’t had as much time
    2. Motivation is hard to keep when it’s 100+ degrees out.

Here’s some of what I’ve been doing:
-My friend and I started a Bible/book study several months ago. We’re going through Do Hard Things(by Alex and Brett Harris)! This is my second time reading it (first time was several years ago), so most of it is relatively new. We’re about 3 or 4 chapters from the end and it’s great to read through it slowly and discuss it!

-I joined an amazing online program and community called the Young Writers Workshop (by Brett Harris, and Jaquelle Crowe), it’s all been an amazing experience, finding out there were so many other young writers, interacting with them (well, online), having the same interests, and of course getting better in all areas of writing!

-After joining the YWW, a fellow student started (in March) a group blog (multiple writers on the same blog) called Writers of Elysian.  It is a blog on anything about writing!

VBS was a few weeks ago. Which was awesome! I missed it two years in a row, so it took a little getting used to again (although, not much). It was a busy filled, exhausting, hot week! But it was worth it! All the kids had fun, nothing disastrous happened, I even had a mini fan club. ;p
Can’t wait for next year!!

That’s all for now!

How’s your summer going? Reading anything, going anywhere?

See you next post!

P.S. I just got this big 500 page book, can’t wait to read it!!!


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