Incidents in the Kitchen (Characters from a Spies Adventure)

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Kirstie walked up to Keiran and Gyan who were absorbed in their activity.
“Baking, again?”

Gyan nodded, mouth obviously full.

Silence followed. “Is there anything else you guys like doing?”

Keiran continued his meticulous measuring of flour.


“Gyan, don’t talk with your mouth full,” Keiran said distractedly.

Gyan rolled his eyes. “don’t boss your elders.”

“Doesn’t count. We’re twins.”

Kirstie chuckled, then bit it back as Gyan looked in her direction, “Ahem. So, what was it you said?”

Gyan cleared his throat. “A little more cinnamon would be good.”

Keiran nodded, adding it.

“Science, I enjoy science. We both used to have a bit of fun experimenting. Usually with food. Although the best ones were with actual elements.”

“Seriously? I almost died! Then we were almost caught!”

Gyan grinned, “I know, it was great. But that caused to find hiding spaces to break the monotony.” Gyan finished seriously.

Keiran sighed, “True.” After a moment they lapsed into silence, only to be brought out again by the kitchen timer. “Cookies anyone?” Keiran spoke cheerily.

Kirstie stared puzzled. “Umm…Yes, what kind are they?”

“Ginger snaps.”

“What’s in the bowl?”

“Those are cinnamon sticks!” Gyan excitedly answered.

“Well, almost.” Keiran pointed out.

“I remember the first time he tried to make them.” Gyan sat back in a chair, staring at the wall with a grin.

“Oh, great, You tell the most flattering stories, ghee.” Keiran jabbed with an old nickname. “Would, you. Just. Agh!!”
“Did you just…Call him…Butter?”

Keiran shrugged innocently. “Now we’re even, Do tell on, brother.”

“As I was saying…”

Kirstie looked on with amusement.

“During a particularly boring day. This was several years ago. How old do you think we were, Keiran?”

“About, twelve, probably.”

Gyan nodded, continuing, “They didn’t have us doing anything, so we snuck into the kitchen, the one on our floor, at least.” Keiran went back to his mixing. “There wasn’t much to work with, but that didn’t stop him, or his talent for that matter.” Keiran rolled his eyes at his brothers drama.
“What he used was some cake mix and cinnamon and…” here Gyan paused for effect. Kirstie grinned, waiting for the point. “Baking soda…unmeasured. It blew up over the pan and burned part of it.”

“And guess who tried it from the middle?” Keiran interjected with a grimace.

Gyan made a sour face. “Worst. Thing. Ever.” He groaned.

“I thought you said it was cinnamon sticks?” Kirstie pointed out.

“Oh, yeah, that was another time,” shrugged Gyan.

Keiran burst out laughing. “That was definitely another time. We were about thirteen or fourteen, then. Gyan decided to help me out with the cinnamon, and then try it first.” He went on laughing, almost dropping the spoon he held in the process.

Gyan stared blandly. “Real funny.”

Kirstie laughed as well, remembering her own baking failures.

“But I still don’t get why you tried the stuff right after I did?”

Gyan shrugged. “Well, I sorta thought you were kidding around, so you could have it all.”

“Oh, right. Moral of the story? Don’t help Keiran in the kitchen.” Keiran declared, helping himself to ginger snaps and a glass of milk. Kirstie did the same.

Gyan nodded, following suit.



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