Introverts Don’t Hate People

Hey, all! I’m back with *cue dramatic pigeons*…Wait for it…Wait for it…A nonfiction post.

We introverts hear a lot of things about what being an introvert means (and yes, so do Extroverts), maybe it comes from not knowing what the two words mean, or something else entirely. Well, I’m here to show you there are several things introverts wish others would understand.

We aren’t hiding.

While I’ve never been told I hate people, it seems largely implied by society. You know what? I love people. If I wasn’t ever around people, well, I’d be pretty sad.

No, I don’t like staying up late to party with fifty other people, or ya know, twelve people whom I’ve never met. I don’t like crowds. Although, on occasion (depending on the situation) I will stay up late and “party”.

We’re not ignoring you.

I do like hanging out with people. Getting to know them.

We’re not hermits. One on one is so much less stress to deal with. You get to know them more, the fewer people there are around to talk to. It’s harder to have a conversation or get to know someone when you can’t get a word in edgewise.

One-on-one conversation.

We’re not necessarily anti-social. We just get terrified of crowded spaces full of people.

We’re not trying to ignore you. Maybe we’re thinking about how to reply since we process things longer. How close we are to the group has a huge effect on what we can handle. Being in a group where our voices and thoughts seem dispensable can be daunting and uninviting. Especially if everyone (seemingly) expects a good comment, or thoughts.

We don’t think we’re better than everyone else
Maybe we seem silent and aloof, but we’re probably just overthinking every little detail, or thinking no one wants to take the time to listen to something you can’t explain in two words. So we end up deciding not to say anything at all.

There are just a few things about us introverts! Hope you learned something and enjoyed! Did I miss anything? Comment below!!

So that concludes my first nonfiction post in…SO. LONG. Hope you had a great Labor Day and rest of your week! See you next post!

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