Who is Anne Rhys?

She’s a young adult with a passion for writing, reading and inspiring others through her blog as well as upcoming novels. She enjoys cool weather, one-on-one chats with friends, Chai tea. Absolutely loves the rain, Lord of the Rings, and Elephants.

For the past several years she has had a growing passion for reading and writing and would love to share that with others! She is now working towards finishing her first novel, A Spies Adventure (working title), as well as several other projects and blogging.

Why Father’s Joy?
Inspiring Joy Through Writing

It was named that for the purpose of bringing joy to readers through writing, and to inspire those who come across the blog to read and write and pursue Godliness.

Father’s Joy is for those who want to know how to get started or those who feel uninspired with their writing, to inspire those of all ages through her writings whether they be blog posts or published novels. With this blog, she hopes to share her thoughts and writings with all of you.

she’ll offer encouragement ideas, fiction pieces books to read. A God-centered place for all ages. The author will also be posting personal things in regards to inspiration, writing and occasional book news (for more in-depth updates subscribe to her email list here). This includes guest post and collabs varying from fiction to interviews a few random things now and then.

And while the purpose of this blog is still continuing to be more clear there are some things that Father’s Joy hopes you’ll be helped with! These include; encouragement, inspiration, starting advice (beginner writers), books to read, brainstorming.

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